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mandavilla help needed!!

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Subject: mandevilla help needed!!
Zone: 6
Date: 24-Sep-07 11:10 AM EST

Have a beautiful pink mandevilla plant in a large pot that I wish to overwinter inside. How do I let it go dormant & what care does it need. No basement, so it will be subjected to 70 degree heat, maybe cooler in closet. Any suggestions. Should I just keep it growing in sunny room thru winter??

Subject: RE: mandavilla help needed!!
Date: 21-Nov-07 01:15 PM EST

Do you need to water the Mandeville when it is in the basement

Subject: RE: mandavilla help needed!!
From: Rocks
Zone: 6b
Date: 21-Nov-07 10:51 PM EST

Yes, water the mandevilla...whatever you do,don't let it dry out. But don't waterlog it either. Just keep an eye out that it doesn't dry out completely and that the soil stays a little moist. Good luck!

And yes, try to keep it going as long as you can in a sunny room for the winter if that's all you can do. It will drop leaves and you will get some die back, but as above, don't let it dry out completely between waterings. Good luck!

Subject: RE: mandavilla help needed!!
Date: 26-Jan-10 01:46 PM EST

I have grown mandevilla for the last ten years and have given up on dormancy; Keep it alive with very spare waterings. When new tendrils grow inside I cut them 1/2 way back at the end of february. this gives me twice as much growth to flower on after it moves back outdoors. I have found you can severely cut an old plant to induce better flowering in spring. I have had 1 cutting suceed in about a hundred ties. It was young green wood with a heel and i did use rooting powder. Unfortuneately it was one of the yellow type which I have ceased to grow due to space limitations. I have had great luck in dividing storebought mandevillas that have two or three main stems in a pot.

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