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Teakionaire20-Sep-07 04:39 AM EST 7   
Theresa21-Sep-07 12:48 AM EST 6b   
lizaalbert17-Mar-11 04:42 AM EST 1   

Subject: Garden furniture
From: Teakionaire
Zone: 7
Date: 20-Sep-07 04:39 AM EST

How come nobody taks about garden furniture here. Isn't that considered part of the garden. I am sure everybody will agree that without a fine teak garden furniture set, the garden just looks deserted!! It would be better if there is a section specially discussing garden furniture. The visitors would love to find everything about garden and some good resources where we can recommend some credible suppliers and so on.

Subject: RE: Garden furniture
From: Theresa
Zone: 6b
Date: 21-Sep-07 12:48 AM EST

This is a garden site devoted to sharing knowledge about gardening: plants, trees, horticulture. Gardening is a passion whereby we give back to the earth and enrich our lives in the process. The garden is the purpose! What your suggesting is just buying more "stuff", dead matter to put in a live garden.This site is more than ten years old and has a devoted passionate follwing of real gardeners. Please peddle your wares elsewhere. Theresa

Subject: RE: Garden furniture
From: lizaalbert
Zone: 1
Date: 17-Mar-11 04:42 AM EST

I totally agree with you.. Teak furniture's are always in demand for its durability and if you don't want to change your furniture every year teak is the best option for it.. I have a furniture made of teak and I don't have any problem regarding its quality from last three years..
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