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josefa13-Sep-07 01:50 PM EST 3b   
ginette27-Oct-07 11:54 PM EST 4b   

Subject: Bergenia
From: josefa
Zone: 3b
Date: 13-Sep-07 01:50 PM EST

Do i have to cover above plants for the winter? They are located on the south side of my garden, but i also live in the country with nor windbreaks. Thanks already for your response. Last year i did not cover them up and they looked not very good during the year, brown leaf, but i got some flower.

Subject: RE: Bergenia
From: ginette
Zone: 4b
Date: 27-Oct-07 11:54 PM EST

I've never covered my bergenia. This year they were big and healthy with lots of flowers but last year they didn't look as good. I wonder if the amount of rain we receive in the Spring would affect this... I have some on the south side and some in mostly shade. In the Spring I remove the black & brown leaves. Are you pruning them in the Fall? I couldn't find anywhere that says they should be covered...

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