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How is everyone's garden

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Maureen01-Sep-07 03:02 AM EST
Theresa05-Sep-07 11:41 PM EST   
Sarah.09-Sep-07 10:39 AM EST 6b   
Motilek17-Sep-07 08:53 PM EST   

Subject: How is everyone's garden
From: Maureen (
Date: 01-Sep-07 03:02 AM EST

My garden has done really well this year. I only lost 2 rose bushes over the winter. My one problem is that I planted my tomato plants late due to a car accident. I have huge plants with lots of tomatoes. We have had lots of sunny weather but so far NO red tomatoes. Guess I'm going to make lots of tomato chow this year. LOL.

Subject: RE: How is everyone's garden
From: Theresa
Date: 05-Sep-07 11:41 PM EST

We have not had any rain for close to 30 days now. It all went north and south of us. Last night it sprinkled, not enough to register in the rainmeter. Oddly though, one clematis not known for reblooming has, and so are the roses. Tomorrow its 30 again and muggy but I'm going to hand water.

Subject: RE: How is everyone's garden
From: Sarah.
Zone: 6b
Date: 09-Sep-07 10:39 AM EST

This was an interesting year for me as I grew so many seedlings and worked really hard to get things in before my baby was born. I wasn't sold on annuals before this year. I used to think "What's the point?" But I never realized how HUGE and filling they are for the perennial garden that is still in its early stages. Next year I'll be repeating cosmos, asters, calendula and cockscomb! I grew a successful dwarf lavender from seed in a pot and now I just have to keep my cats from eating this winter. Speaking of cats eating things..I planted out a catmint that grew like crazy, but was totally munched in three nights by a neighbourhood cat. I left it in and the roots must've taken like crazy because it just keeps resprouting leaves when it gets eaten. I lost some perennials: wild blue flax didn't look very happy after I planted it and my lupines lasted 2 weeks before they got some kind of fungal rot. Taking the good with the bad, this has been a pretty good year!

Subject: RE: How is everyone's garden
From: Motilek
Date: 17-Sep-07 08:53 PM EST

My Garden is really cool this year. I got great red tomatoes and cucumbers. My whole family are happy, we have fresh vegetables for dinner. :):) - How to build a greenhouse.

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