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Gravel Mulch

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Veronica27-Aug-07 02:48 PM EST 1   
Theresa05-Sep-07 11:48 PM EST 6b   
Veronica07-Sep-07 07:48 PM EST 1   

Subject: Gravel Mulch
From: Veronica
Zone: 1
Date: 27-Aug-07 02:48 PM EST

Mulching with gravel seems very popular these days.I know it has its benefits but sometimes it looks so bleak or completely out of place. In a natural state gravel looks attractive around trees and shrubs,but I just can't appreciate it as a widespread landscaping material.It seems to be everywhere.I am just wondering what others think about gravel mulches.

Subject: RE: Gravel Mulch
From: Theresa
Zone: 6b
Date: 05-Sep-07 11:48 PM EST

Hi, We put in 60x3' gravel path but our Newfs refused to walk on it and went through the beds instead. We have taken it all out and put in dirt and mulch and a curved flagstone path. The dogs love it and stay on the path. I'll never use gravel, or pea gravel again.

Subject: RE: Gravel Mulch
From: Veronica
Zone: 1
Date: 07-Sep-07 07:48 PM EST

That was a lot of gravel to shovel off a pathway!It's heavy stuff too.

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