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help23-Aug-07 11:49 AM EST 4b   
Veronica27-Aug-07 08:07 PM EST 1   

Subject: container roses
From: help
Zone: 4b
Date: 23-Aug-07 11:49 AM EST

I have 2 miniature rose bushes, each in their own container. How do I protect them over the winter while leaving them in their containers? One article recommended an unheated garage but mice usually winter in mine (and were lazy and summered there this year!)so I'm concerned they may damage the roses.

Subject: RE: container roses
From: Veronica
Zone: 1
Date: 27-Aug-07 08:07 PM EST

I have overwintered miniatures for 2 years by putting them in a dark cool place with the spuds.I have kept the roots moist,altough 2 roses were overlooked and dried out,but burst into leaf soon after they saw daylight.Two others which were kept moist and should have survived, died,and the remainder lived and did well.I brought them back into daylight once we were getting 6 hours of daylight. Aphids were thriving on them so they had to be dusted,and the pale white growth needed to be cut off. They should be kept as close as possible to 0 degrees in the dark and allowed to go completely dormant,but I can't do that.I did keep them outside as long as possible during fall so the leaves would die and allow them to harden-off.This strategy has worked for me. I got some of the info from this web-site,as well as contacting miniature rose growers.Someone did recommend an old fridge for storage.I hope this gives you some help.

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