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Scarlet lily beetle and Coffee grinds/mulch

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V. Callinan12-Aug-07 04:50 PM EST 6a   
Theresa05-Sep-07 11:50 PM EST 6b   

Subject: Lily beetle and Coffee grinds/mulch
From: V. Callinan
Zone: 6a
Date: 12-Aug-07 04:50 PM EST

Hi there, Since spring I've been dumping my coffee grinds on top of the mulch around all my lily areas. The lilies had a bumper crop this year. Bigger flowers, more fragrant, taller.

The Big Bonus - I also don't have nearly as many lily beetles as other folks in my area. Yes, there are some holes in the leaves, and I've picked off maybe 10 since the spring but it's hardly the scourge others are facing.

Have other lily growers who use coffee grinds also noticed the same thing? Is it just dumb luck and next year I'll get hammered? Just wondering, thanks in advance.

Subject: RE: Scarlet lily beetle and Coffee grinds/mulch
From: Theresa
Zone: 6b
Date: 05-Sep-07 11:50 PM EST

Works for us too for 5 years, as does Neem oil.

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