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sharon22-Jul-07 08:27 PM EST 3a   
Sheryl Wright23-Jul-07 06:00 PM EST 5b   
25-Jul-07 01:01 AM EST   
Granny D30-Aug-07 12:36 PM EST 2b   

Subject: Raspberries
From: sharon
Zone: 3a
Date: 22-Jul-07 08:27 PM EST

How can you plant raspberries so that they don't invade the rest of your yard or neighbour's yard?

Subject: RE: Raspberries
From: Sheryl Wright
Zone: 5b
Date: 23-Jul-07 06:00 PM EST

Try containers. The best method is to liberate some plastic pots from the local nursery (they throw them out all the time) The 2 - 5 gallon size is great. Plant 1 bush per pot. Now plant the pots in the garden spot where the raspberries were to go. Fill the spaces around the pots with soil leaving about 2" of pot protruding from the surface. Cover with about 3 inches of mulch, then water and enjoy!

Subject: RE: Raspberries
Date: 25-Jul-07 01:01 AM EST

Thanks Sheryl! I'm gonna give it a try. I've heard of doing that for smaller invasive plants, but didn't know if it'd work for raspberries.

Subject: RE: Raspberries
From: Granny D
Zone: 2b
Date: 30-Aug-07 12:36 PM EST

There are old raspberry canes in the farmyard that I am renting. They produced some raspberries this summer but most the canes are leaning and there is a lot of old dead stuff. Will they come back if I clean them up or would it be better to pull them up and plant more.

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