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Sweet Millions Tomatoes

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22-Jul-07 10:26 AM EST 4b   
Sue24-Jul-07 07:06 PM EST 3b   
28-Jul-07 09:07 PM EST   

Subject: Sweet Millions wont ripen
From: (kegman75@hotmail.com)
Zone: 4b
Date: 22-Jul-07 10:26 AM EST

I was wondering if you have to trim some of the foiliage of of your tomatoes to get them to ripen?? I have a ton of fruit on the vine but they arent ripening (been green for a couple of weeks on vine)should i trim most of the little sucker branches off. It has been dry in our area lately i have been watering should i water them more. They are absolutely huge plants. I had to stake them above the cages because they were about 2ft above and starting to fall over. I havent fertilized at all but this was a new garden this year that i created with triple mix soil. Any suggestions?

Subject: RE: Sweet Millions Tomatoes
From: Sue
Zone: 3b
Date: 24-Jul-07 07:06 PM EST

Tomatoes actually need the foliage to ripen, but you should remove the suckers. If you are satisfied with the number of tomatoes produced by this plant, start to clip off any new buds/flowers. You can direct the energy of the plant into ripening by cutting off the leader (the top of the main stem) which will stop further upward growth. Pick a handful of the largest tomatoes & bring them inside to ripen. Use a paper bag or an ordinary bowl covered with a tea cloth. Enclosing green tomatoes traps the gas that they emit which hastens ripening.

Subject: RE: Sweet Millions Tomatoes
From: (kegman75@hotmail.com)
Date: 28-Jul-07 09:07 PM EST

Thanks for your tips. I removed alot of excess branches and started to remove extra flowers and buds (they are totally loaded) last weekend and now i am enjoying some ripe tomatoes this week.

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