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Advice wanted: Balcony "garden"

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Tom15-Jul-07 09:18 AM EST 4b   
Sue30-Jul-07 06:20 PM EST 3a   

Subject: Advice wanted: Balcony
From: Tom
Zone: 4b
Date: 15-Jul-07 09:18 AM EST

Hi everyone,

I'm completely new to gardening of any kind so please be nice!! Basically I'm about to move into an apartment in Jolitte, just north of Montreal, and I was thinking of putting a few plants on the balcony. It's only a small balcony but there'll be room for a few pots and things.

My limitations are that I will probably only be living there for nine months or so, and also this will be from late August until May/June next year (i.e, there'll be a big and very cold winter in the middle!) In a short a timescale as this, does anyone have advice for what sorts of things I can feasibly grow out there?

Thanks for your help,


Subject: RE: Advice wanted: Balcony
From: Sue
Zone: 3a
Date: 30-Jul-07 06:20 PM EST

Tom - late August is pretty late to start stuff on a balcony. If you just want a bit of color to look at you could simply purchase pots of chrysanthemums that usually last into September & October. Make sure to water regularly and deadhead (clip off) dead flower heads to keep the buds blooming. When the frost comes, bring them inside & see how long you can keep them going inside. Pansies are a great fall flower because they like cool weather and are somewhat frost-resistant. If you can find any pansies at garden centres you could transplant them to a larger pot & have some blooms for quite a while. There are several flowering plants that grow easily & quickly in the spring (again pansies, for one) but also try growing a selection of lettuces which loves cooler spring temperatures, especially if your balcony faces north or east. You can plant from seed or purchase seedlings from a greenhouse. You can easily be enjoying fresh salads from your balcony lettuce patch by June next year. If it's a hot sunny balcony ( a south or west exposure) you could grow lots of herbs in pots, but lettuce doesn't like the hot sun. Use the internet to research container planting for the type of growing conditions you have on your balcony.

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