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Too early to dig up iris rhizomes?

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Leanne Lechner06-Jul-07 02:48 AM EST 7b   
Michelle08-Jul-07 01:41 PM EST 5a   
Leanne09-Jul-07 02:29 AM EST   
Michelle10-Jul-07 12:42 AM EST 5a   

Subject: Too early to dig up iris rhizomes?
From: Leanne Lechner
Zone: 7b
Date: 06-Jul-07 02:48 AM EST

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could let me know if I will damage my iris rhizomes if I dig them up this month, dry them out and then transplant them to a different's the full scoop:

I had an issue with the cat next door using the bed where my new iris' (i.e - just bought them in May, planted them and was looking forward to blooms) were planted as his litter box. I went out one morning (this was back in mid-June) to find 2 of my iris' slightly dug up and toppled over. Thus, I moved them to a bed on the other side of the yard where the cat stayed away from on account of the friendly dog on th other side of the fence : )

Now, the leaves are brown and sparse since, in my husband's infinite wisdom, he decided to "trim" the "death" from them. So, I am left with rhizomes with a little bit of foilage still attached to them. I am wondering if I should dig them up, dry them out and then place them back in the ground before the fall comes.

If anyone can provide me with some words of wisdom, I would greatly appreciate it - I am new to gardening so this is my 1st year and I am learning from each new experience!

Thanks : )

Subject: RE: Too early to dig up iris rhizomes?
From: Michelle
Zone: 5a
Date: 08-Jul-07 01:41 PM EST

Hi Leanne, Iris, like peonies should only be moved end of August/ early September. I doubt you will get anything from them now.. maybe just leave them and see how they do next year.

Subject: RE: Too early to dig up iris rhizomes?
From: Leanne
Date: 09-Jul-07 02:29 AM EST

Thanks Michelle! I'll let them be for the remainder of the year and see what happens next spring - here's hoping for the best!

Subject: RE: Too early to dig up iris rhizomes?
From: Michelle
Zone: 5a
Date: 10-Jul-07 12:42 AM EST

Your welcome Leanne, I will be hoping for the best right along with you, let us know how it turns out. Happy Gardening!!! Oh by the way, let your foliage die back naturally, and it can also protect the rhizome in winter months and then in the spring you just have to clean it up. I know the dying foliage isn't great looking and can get a bit ratty but this is advised.. maybe plant something in front to hide the foliage as it dies back, it does last for quite a while though... just thought I'd mention it.

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