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Holes around Natural Pond

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Jeff05-Jul-07 09:12 AM EST 7a   
Rocks05-Jul-07 11:32 PM EST 6b   
jeff06-Jul-07 09:23 AM EST 7b   

Subject: Holes around Natural Pond
From: Jeff
Zone: 7a
Date: 05-Jul-07 09:12 AM EST

I am wondering if anyone knows what kind of critter that leaves holes every few feet, approximatly a little larger than a broom handle around my pond, not a man made pond...I live in country, and the pond is natural...some of the holes have no mud on the surface, but some have a wet mud mounding around them...I know there is frogs,fish and turtles, but have not seen anything else...any help would be appreciated...thx in advance

Subject: RE: Holes around Natural Pond
From: Rocks
Zone: 6b
Date: 05-Jul-07 11:32 PM EST

Hi Jeff, Sounds like crayfish to me. Found this information on the crayfish and it's habitat:

Sounds like you've got a good pond ecosystem going on there! Nice!

Subject: RE: Holes around Natural Pond
From: jeff
Zone: 7b
Date: 06-Jul-07 09:23 AM EST

thx Rocks, appreciate your help, went to the site you listed, and it sure sounds like crayfish to me to...never thought a pond this small would hold so much,turtles,crayfish, oh and I forgot to mention, every day there are clams all broken open around the pond edges...we figure racoons are eating them...but not to sure...anyways thx again for your insight...regards

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