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siberian iris didnt bloom this year

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liz ruork22-Jun-07 09:28 AM EST 6   
kit23-Jun-07 11:07 PM EST 5   

Subject: siberian iris didnt bloom this year
From: liz ruork
Zone: 6
Date: 22-Jun-07 09:28 AM EST

when i moved to my new home 2 years ago i brought a number of plants with me....amongst them an unknown variety if siberian iris which had performed well ...i placed divisions in a few locations and got reasonable amount of bloom the next spring..then gave some of it to a neighbour...this spring she got more bloom than i did (almost none at all) and i dont know garden is in full sun and the plants seem healthy..i did have worse results with narcissus this spring but otherwise everything has produced very well indeed...any ideas

Subject: RE: siberian iris didnt bloom this year
From: kit
Zone: 5
Date: 23-Jun-07 11:07 PM EST

I live in B.C. Canada, and for the first time in 5 years my Siberian Irises didn't bloom either! Only one did, and it was in a sort of raised rock garden, the others in regular garden. Don't know either was caused this.

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