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Michelle16-Jun-07 07:19 PM EST 5a   
Donna Dawson17-Jun-07 08:01 AM EST 9a   
Jan Papple28-Aug-07 04:03 PM EST 5   
Thornton Clark08-Dec-13 01:50 PM EST 8a   

Subject: LIVE CHAT
From: Michelle
Zone: 5a
Date: 16-Jun-07 07:19 PM EST

Hello everyone, was noticing alot of the questions posted, no replies, do you all know of the Live Chat on Sundays on this website? 1:00 eastern time.. so for those of us on the West Coast 10:00. Very helpful and I just thought I would mention it. Happy Gardening!

Subject: RE: LIVE CHAT
From: Donna Dawson
Zone: 9a
Date: 17-Jun-07 08:01 AM EST

Michelle is right, every Sunday at 1 ET well known Canadian gardening personality, Art Drysdale hosts our Live Chat and answers your gardening questions "live" on the chat. Art currently lives on Vancouver Island but he was a long time resident of Toronto so he has gardened right across the country. His radio show is heard every saturday am in the southern Ontario area on am 740. As registered members of you can join the chat and ask all your questions LIVE.

The live chat is also a great place anytime together with any of your friends and chat about gardening.

I hope you join us today.

Subject: RE: LIVE CHAT
From: Jan Papple
Zone: 5
Date: 28-Aug-07 04:03 PM EST

I live on the Shuswap Lake and have a Douglas Maple in the front yard that is very useful as a shade tree, but a couple of weeks ago whole branches of leaves started turning brown (not yellow) and falling to the ground. I am afraid that it is dying and would hate to loose it. Does anyone know what is wrong and how I can fix it??

Subject: RE: LIVE CHAT
From: Thornton Clark
Zone: 8a
Date: 08-Dec-13 01:50 PM EST

I have to bring in 29 large pots and loads of small and very small pots for the winter. They have to be in a room that only has two west-facing and one north-facing window.

I have been leaving a dozen long flourescent lights on 24/7. The are on the ceiling, so about 8 feet above the plants. Is that doing any good or should I just turn them off?

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