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Day Lily - yellowing leaves

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Shannon14-Jun-07 11:12 PM EST 8a   
Leanne09-Jul-07 02:34 AM EST   

Subject: Day Lily - yellowing leaves
From: Shannon
Zone: 8a
Date: 14-Jun-07 11:12 PM EST

My family planted a memorial garden in my Mother's honor this past April. There is a Hibiscus at the center and day lillies surrounding it. The day lily plants bloomed beautifully since then, but all but a few at the front of the garden have yellowing leaves. We got a lot of unusual weather this year, but I think the plants have been watered very well naturally, as well as manual watering with Miracle Gro. The blooms are also much taller than the leaves, and some have fallen over by the weight. I am trying to figure out if I should just leave them alone since they are so hardy.... I have been pulling the yellowing leaves from the base when they turn. Some of the bulb stalks are now brown, and I know they have died, but the leaves are mostly still green. I don't know how to care for them at this point. Any direction?? I don't know what is a natural process for them, or when it's time for me to intervene. Thanks...

Subject: RE: Day Lily - yellowing leaves
From: Leanne
Date: 09-Jul-07 02:34 AM EST

Hi Shannon,

Daylilies are very hardy - they don't need much assistance in their life...so I usually pull off the yellow and brown (if any) leaves just as you are doing...here's a website link that I found very helpful when I started taking an interest in keeping up a garden...hope it helps you!


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