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Sprayer for home made deterrent

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Anita Jeffreys14-Jun-07 09:40 PM EST 5b   
karen turner15-Jun-07 04:31 PM EST 2a   
karen turner15-Jun-07 04:43 PM EST 2a   
Anita15-Jun-07 05:52 PM EST 5b   

Subject: Sprayer for home made deterrent
From: Anita Jeffreys
Zone: 5b
Date: 14-Jun-07 09:40 PM EST

I have been gardening for many years, but this has me completely stumped. I have a rabbit problem and have been trying in vain to create a home made spray. I have used hot pepper sauce/water, and cayenne/water strained. But I have now tried six different sprayers, and everytime I put the liquid in to try it, it clogs. Please can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Does the "hot" in the mixture adversely effect the mechanism? The rabbits are eating my hostas. HELP!!!!

Subject: RE: Sprayer for home made deterrent
From: karen turner (
Zone: 2a
Date: 15-Jun-07 04:31 PM EST

For rabbits I had to put plastic chicken wire down over the peas to prevent the eating of them. Now I have a large invasion of red ants compete with eggs in the same bed this year. Someone suggested I put left over coffee gounds on the soil surface where I plant my vegetables. Does this sound right as I can't use any chemicals being it is city owned community gardens?

Subject: RE: Sprayer for home made deterrent
From: karen turner (
Zone: 2a
Date: 15-Jun-07 04:43 PM EST

This morn the city decided to spray paint our balconies -my columbine, parsley an tomato plant and various other flowering plants were in large pots on the rails about 8 to 9' wide. Will this hurt my plants - I moved them into the suite before I left for the afternoon. We rent and were not informed of their intensions.

Subject: RE: Sprayer for home made deterrent
From: Anita
Zone: 5b
Date: 15-Jun-07 05:52 PM EST

Re the coffee grounds, I use them in my compost so I don't know about them being a deterrent! Bloodmeal has been mentioned as a deterrent for rabbits, as well as good for the soil. I don't know about ants though. And I have planted some wild strawberries, which do have berries, but the rabbits seem to prefer the hostas! Go figure.

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