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grace02-Jun-07 12:41 PM EST 2b   
Anne03-Jun-07 04:34 PM EST 5b   
Shirley08-Jun-07 08:10 AM EST 7   

Subject: wood ashes...good for the garden???
From: grace
Zone: 2b
Date: 02-Jun-07 12:41 PM EST

We have a lot of ashes from wood stove. Are these good to rototill into the garden?

Subject: RE: wood ashes...good for the garden???
From: Anne
Zone: 5b
Date: 03-Jun-07 04:34 PM EST

I found a book that recommended ashes for beets, I did add ashes to my beet row last year and was pleased with the result, I had also added ashes to my compost bin and found that a lot of potatoes that started there and then were transplanted in the garden had scabs on them, but this doesn't affect the taste you just have to scrub the outside harder than norm

Subject: RE: wood ashes...good for the garden???
From: Shirley
Zone: 7
Date: 08-Jun-07 08:10 AM EST

I do not add directly to soil, but sparingly to compost. As wood ashes contain lye, use directly on garden will alter the ph of your soil.I am wondering what other component is in wood I use them as a de-icer for my long gravelled driveway, steps & walkways. Works like a charm (better than CaCl) so am hoping I am not contaminating property.

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