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false info about Edmonton Journal

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murdoch davis10-May-00 07:57 PM EST   
Donna Dawson11-May-00 10:24 AM EST   
Lorraine11-May-00 03:08 PM EST   
Arzeena12-May-00 10:01 PM EST   
murdoch davis18-May-00 12:04 PM EST   
Tom Dawson18-May-00 06:45 PM EST   
Joann25-May-00 12:25 AM EST   

Subject: false info about Edmonton Journal
From: murdoch davis
Date: 10-May-00 07:57 PM EST

Your web page note about this newspaper is incorrect. You ought to have made some inquiries before spreading false informatrion.

It is true that we will not be publishing separate sections for Gardening that we have done seasonally for some years now, but it is not true that we will not be providing the same wide range of gardening content. In fact, our intent for some months now has been to provide more gardening information to our readers, not less, and more often. We run gardening stories throughout the week, not just on Thursdays.

However, our plan during the peak season is still to run increased gardening content on Thursdays, including pieces by writers such as Gerald Filipski and others who graced our previous sections. We will do this within an expanded Living section rather than in a separate section. The reasons for this have to do with operational and production logistics, not editorial priorities, but also because with the launch of our new daily Living section last fall our commitment was to address such areas of interest within that expanded section.

We are just now approaching the time of year when our Gardening section would have begun to appear, and I hope you will keep an eye on us every day and especially on Thursdays. I am hopeful that what you see will set your mind at ease than the change about which you are hearing is one of form, not substance. We are certainly aware of the of gardening to our readers.

Murdoch Davis Editor-in-chief

Subject: RE: false info about Edmonton Journal
From: Donna Dawson
Date: 11-May-00 10:24 AM EST

The information we posted on our home page for this week reflects our personal concerns and feelings that the local gardening content of the Journal has diminished in favour of syndicated articles from across the country that are not applicable to our growing conditions. While we do appreciate Gerald Filipskis articles, it would be nice to see other local writers as there are a plethora of them.

As a gardener I fine it difficult to hunt through the paper looking for sprinkled articles rather than going to a specific section that relates to my interests.

I think it would be interesting if the Journal took this kind of tactic with sports - sprinkling it throughout the Journal, I am sure they would hear from all the sports enthusiasts as well.

With gardening being the single biggest leisure activity in Canada both from a participants number and from an expenditure point of view, it seems that the Journal has not picked up on the impact of this hobby.

We truly hope the Journal takes the time to personally address the concerns of their readers and does not treat this with a 'canned' corporate response, as has been noted...if you as Journal readers or as readers of other Southam publications are as concerned as we are, please let them know your feelings.

Subject: RE: false info about Edmonton Journal
From: Lorraine
Date: 11-May-00 03:08 PM EST

I do hope that the gardening articles will improve and increase in numbers, also. I agree that gardening should warrant greater coverage than it does in the Journal.

Subject: RE: false info about Edmonton Journal
From: Arzeena
Date: 12-May-00 10:01 PM EST

Interesting comments about the Journal, Donna.

Funnily enough, the same thing seems to be happening with the Vancouver Sun. The gardening section was moved out from Sunday to Friday and instead of a local garden writer talking about local gardening issues, we get to read Martha Stewart's drivel about her *&^%$^& currant tomatoes.

Bring back the local writers!

Subject: RE: false info about Edmonton Journal
From: murdoch davis
Date: 18-May-00 12:04 PM EST

There is no justification for this drivel about a 'corporate response.' Decisions such as this are made locally, I'm sure no one in Southam corporate office knows which papers are taking which approach to gardening. We have not reduced the number of local writers appearing. In fact we have increased the number and frequency. Today's Living section contains nine or ten articles related to gardening, most by local writers.


Subject: RE: false info about Edmonton Journal
From: Tom Dawson
Date: 18-May-00 06:45 PM EST

Edmonton Journal Thursday May 18, 2000 - actual gardening articles page F1 - 0 page F2 - 0 page F3 - 2 local page F4 - 1 local page F5 - 1 vancouver page F6 - 1 local page F7 - 1 assoc press page F8 - 1 local

total 7 (not 9 or 10) local 5

Subject: RE: false info about Edmonton Journal
From: Joann
Date: 25-May-00 12:25 AM EST

I too am disappointed that the Edmonton Journal has sprinkled their articles throughout the paper instead of its own section as was done previously. I have emailed my concerns to the Journal and am waiting for a reply. Would any of the readers consider presenting the Journal with a petition asking them to bring back the Thursdays Home and Garden section? I believe it is extremely important to focus on local experts as well. It is frustrating when the information received in the articles does not focus on our climate zone. I think it is important to let them know that we are unhappy with this decsion. I am sure there are a number of avid gardeners who feel the same way. We can also all start sending emails to the powers that be at the Journal to strongly suggest that the 'old' format is much preferred. Thank you.

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