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Michelle28-May-07 11:39 AM EST 3a   
Joanna Thebeau28-May-07 02:00 PM EST   
Michelle28-May-07 09:18 PM EST   
Sunny30-May-07 06:08 PM EST 5   

Subject: Hops Plant
From: Michelle
Zone: 3a
Date: 28-May-07 11:39 AM EST


We have a hops plant that grows like a weed and is very nice. However, I am looking for something to use to keep the bugs off of it. Aphids and spider mites are attracted to it, and last year we used something but it destroyed the leaves and turned them brown. Any ideas for a safer product? Thank you.

Subject: RE: Hops Plant
From: Joanna Thebeau (
Date: 28-May-07 02:00 PM EST

I use plain old dish washing soap and water in a spray bottle and spray every couple of days.... It works for me.... Good luck

Subject: RE: Hops Plant
From: Michelle
Date: 28-May-07 09:18 PM EST

Thank you!

Subject: About those **** orchids...
From: Sunny
Zone: 5
Date: 30-May-07 06:08 PM EST

To all who advised me about my feeble orchids, FYI: it was fumes that were causing the buds to shrivel and drop. I suspected this, as we have a VERY small house, and a large propane cookstove. Altho' people, pets, and other plants notice nothing, the orchids did. This was confirmed by 2 occurences. 1. Come warm weather and open windows, the orchid began to thrive and the developing buds to fatten. Then, 2. Disaster. I oiled my hardwood floor. Even tho' the windows were open, the fumes were too much for the orchid, and it dropped its buds within 3 days. In disgust, I set it outside, expecting it to die from the cold. Not so! In the fresh air its new buds are developing well. So, over to Jean's house it goes, with the other one, which is happily blooming over there in spite of losing 3 leaves to frost! Thanks to all for trying to help.

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