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bluberry bushes in containers

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Michelle Fenton25-May-07 12:17 PM EST 8b   
Patricia28-May-07 01:54 AM EST 8a   

Subject: bluberry bushes in containers
From: Michelle Fenton
Zone: 8b
Date: 25-May-07 12:17 PM EST

My office has a wonderful edible garden on out roof deck. We planted blueberry bushes about two years ago and had a surprizingly good crop the first year. This year however, our bushes seem to be dying!

We fertilized the bushes with sea soil and had quite a significant bloom but a few weeks after, the blooms seem to dry up and the branches are now looking quite dead.

Please help save out blueberries!

Subject: RE: bluberry bushes in containers
From: Patricia
Zone: 8a
Date: 28-May-07 01:54 AM EST

I'm NOT an expert but in my experience (I had a blueberry bush on my balcony for a few years) blueberries much prefer to be not fussed with and to self-fertilize.

What's the moisture level like in the soil?

Blueberries also like lots of water but to dry a bit between waterings. Mine like a good soaking every couple of days during summer.

Is there any elasticity to the branches and are the leaves green? If so, it might have just become stressed and needs some sun and water and to be left alone.

If there's no elasticity and the leaves are dead then you might need to replace the bush.

Hope I helped.

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