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Climbing vines for columns

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AJ17-May-07 12:40 PM EST 4   
Sarah.17-May-07 05:24 PM EST 6b   
AJ18-May-07 06:18 PM EST 4   
Ceci06-Jun-07 07:33 PM EST 5b   
Shirley09-Jun-07 07:06 AM EST 7   

Subject: Climbing vines for columns
From: AJ
Zone: 4
Date: 17-May-07 12:40 PM EST

I was recently looking at clematis vines at the garden store, and wondered if this or any other vine, like wisteria, would grow around porch columns on my house? How do you train them to grow along rounded classical columns? Any advice would be appreciated.

Subject: RE: Climbing vines for columns
From: Sarah.
Zone: 6b
Date: 17-May-07 05:24 PM EST

Hi AJ! Wisteria is a woody vine that is sometimes trained around a tree. It winds in only one direction though, (either clockwise or counter clockwise) and has to be helped to wind the right way. I've also heard that you don't want to grow a wisteria anywhere near a house as it will climb onto the roof and the sheer weight of it can be detrimental. With something like a clematis, you would have to wrap plastic gardener's lattice (comes in a variety of colours) or plastic chicken wire around the colums to give it something to grab onto as it likes to scramble up fences and the like. Hope this helped!

Subject: RE: Climbing vines for columns
From: AJ
Zone: 4
Date: 18-May-07 06:18 PM EST

Yes, Sarah, very much, thank you!

Subject: Silver Lace Vine
From: Ceci
Zone: 5b
Date: 06-Jun-07 07:33 PM EST

Hi! I have a silver lace vine that bloomed the second year I had it but not last year or this year. Does it need to be pruned and if so how and when. Any ideas? Thanks.

Subject: RE: Climbing vines for columns
From: Shirley
Zone: 7
Date: 09-Jun-07 07:06 AM EST

Wisteria is lovely. Plant with caution. I was recently asked to prune one. It had forced it's way (older home) in between the wooden window frames, under the shingles, lifting them, & into the roof vent filling the attic with yellowish vine. It can be as aggressive as Ivy. Have you thought of climbing roses, just can just "zap strap" them..or evergreen clematis "armanii", Passiflora comes in many lovely colors & is easily controlled. Another thought, how about some of the wonderfully fast growing annual vines until you settle on something permanent. You might like the fun of experimenting with annual vines so that you have a different look each year.

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