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Sarah.15-May-07 11:26 AM EST 6b   
Jessica18-May-07 05:17 PM EST 7a   
Sarah.21-May-07 08:27 AM EST 6b   
Shirley22-May-07 08:32 AM EST 7   

Subject: dog urine and my pear tree
From: Sarah.
Zone: 6b
Date: 15-May-07 11:26 AM EST

We bought my grandparents house (where I grew up, incidentally) and it came with the most beautiful 30 ft. pear tree. I'm not certain of the variety, but I do know that it is 50-plus years old. I remember this tree producing fruit in abundance when I was little..we had pears sunning on the window ledges and baskets of them to give away. Fast forward to 6 years ago when we purchased our house in February. That first spring we had an abundance of fruit. We also had (and still have) a loyal boxer named Dexter whose favourite place to relieve himself is on the pear tree. Could the nitrogen in his urine have been enough to significantly reduce the crop in subsequent years? What should I do/add to remedy this situation?

Subject: RE: dog urine and my pear tree
From: Jessica
Zone: 7a
Date: 18-May-07 05:17 PM EST

I have a male dog that liked to go on every tree, plant, and tire on my property. I traded him to go in one area and one area only. Now the only time he peas on trees is if we are out walking and the is to mark. It took a lot of work and a lot of disciplining of both him and me to get it done but I have my fruit trees still.

Subject: RE: dog urine and my pear tree
From: Sarah.
Zone: 6b
Date: 21-May-07 08:27 AM EST

Well..we do plan on building a fence to keep him from urinating near the large in diameter as the canopy. Does anybody know of what I should add to the base of the tree to begin neutralizing the nitrogen?

Subject: RE: dog urine and my pear tree
From: Shirley
Zone: 7
Date: 22-May-07 08:32 AM EST

I would try garden lime! And I would also consult my nursery.

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