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one leaf tulip

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Ruth07-May-07 09:18 PM EST 3b   
Diane11-May-07 12:10 PM EST   

Subject: one leaf tulip
From: Ruth (
Zone: 3b
Date: 07-May-07 09:18 PM EST

Last fall I replanted my tulip and hyacinth bulbs. The hyacinth didn't have big headed blooms, just a few here and there. Some of the tulips have blooms, but the majority are just one or two leafs....they look healthy. Any tips or help? Should I pull them up, dry them and try again next year or just leave them in? Frustrated.

Subject: RE: one leaf tulip
From: Diane
Date: 11-May-07 12:10 PM EST

Hi Ruth I started off with one tulip bulb and now I have three bunches in different spots I have relocated the bulbs too. I would leave the tulip bulbs in. It can take a tulip bulb two years to mature then they will start to multiply,, growing more bulbs under the ground. If the bulbs are undisturbed they should give you a better showing next spring. I also have a tulip that has only one leaf. I suspect a squirrel was messing with the bulbs over the winter and has disturbed it’s roots and one of my tulip bulbs ended up in a neighbors yard in her grass ,, just sharing the beauty LOL

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