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Moving an old/big Camelia

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Dale07-May-07 01:38 PM EST 6b   

Subject: Moving an old/big Camelia
From: Dale
Zone: 6b
Date: 07-May-07 01:38 PM EST

We recently moved to an old house (Vancouver) and want to move a old camelia from the back yard to the front yard. It's beautiful & healthy, but it's languishing alongside the neighbor's garage where no one sees it, i.e. it deserves a better home! It's big: ~18" circumference (~6" dia) and ~15' tall.

My questions: 1. should I even consider this? i.e. if it's only an issue of "how" to move it, then I've got that covered. If it's a matter of the tree not surviving the move, then I'll reconsider. 2. If this is possible, then when is the best time of year? 3. How about roots and root ball preservation during the excavation? try to get as many/much as possible? is it hardy enough to survive a few cuts? 4. Soil, bone meal, root stimulator, etc. in the new hole?


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