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invasive plant with long tap root

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Carole M06-May-07 07:23 PM EST 3b   
pergammano06-May-07 09:22 PM EST 7   

Subject: invasive plant with long tap root
From: Carole M
Zone: 3b
Date: 06-May-07 07:23 PM EST

My garden has been taken over by a small leaved groundcover that has a huge taproot. I was thinking wild violet, but the plant does not remove easily like wild violet - it is crowding out just about everything else in the garden. The leaf is small and pointed, notched all over, no clear veining, and barely 1" long. The tap root is fleshly, yellow to orange and also has stolons, which is how the plant appears to spread. The tap root is at least 5 times the size of the leafs (there are usually 2-3 per plant). It arrived last year, I assume from the soil in a plant which I obtained and planted, but it is the first thing up this Spring, and the roots are just so dense nothing else is coming up. Anyone have an idea?

Thank You

Subject: RE: invasive plant with long tap root
From: pergammano
Zone: 7
Date: 06-May-07 09:22 PM EST

Is it possible this plant could be from the "goat's rue" family. I sure hope for your sake it is NOT. I attempted to removed it from a garden by digging the soil one foot deep and screening it all, was not successful, any little portion of root, like thistle propagated. I am wondering if I should have determined the ph of the soil & corrected it to something that wasn't conducive to it's growth. I know, I control lots of weeds by changing the soil ph.

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