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Deborah02-May-07 07:48 PM EST 5b   
pergammano06-May-07 09:28 PM EST 7   
deborah07-May-07 11:46 AM EST   

Subject: tree planting
From: Deborah
Zone: 5b
Date: 02-May-07 07:48 PM EST

Last summer we had a Norway Maple removed from our lawn. The roots were all chopped up with a machine. We are replacing it with an acer griseum/paper bark maple. Can I plant the acer griseum in the old hole?

Subject: RE: tree planting
From: pergammano
Zone: 7
Date: 06-May-07 09:28 PM EST

You are planting the same botanical family..if the previous tree was successful this one should be too. The soil may be depleted so it would not hurt to nurture it with fertilizer after established.

Subject: RE: tree planting
From: deborah
Date: 07-May-07 11:46 AM EST

What kind of fertilizer would you suggest? I put bonemeal in the hole. Thanx.

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