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Creating a new bed or lawn in builder's sand

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Queenie23-Apr-07 06:05 PM EST 5a   
Sarah.24-Apr-07 11:32 AM EST 6b   

Subject: Creating a new bed or lawn in builder's sand
From: Queenie
Zone: 5a
Date: 23-Apr-07 06:05 PM EST

This is my first spring in a new backyard. There used to be an above ground pool in the middle of the yard, now there's just an oval of builders sand about 3 inches deep where the pool used to be. I want to create a planting bed or lay down sod in this area. Can I just add a large pile of compost and mix it with the sand? Or do I have to remove all the sand and replace it with soil? I think the regular soil is clay here so maybe the sand is good to have. Any advice will be helpful

Subject: RE: Creating a new bed or lawn in builder's sand
From: Sarah.
Zone: 6b
Date: 24-Apr-07 11:32 AM EST

You've got the right idea about adding a bunch of compost to the builders sand. Since it's mostly sand, you're going to have to add quite a bit of compost to really help it hold moisture. You wouldn't want to add clay to sand because once wet, you can make adobe bricks with not what you were looking for. When I mix up compost and sand for a soil amendment, I do it at a 2 parts compost to 1 part sand ratio. Hope this helped!

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