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gord18-Apr-07 01:37 PM EST 2b   
Sarah.20-Apr-07 12:54 PM EST 6b   
pata21-Apr-07 03:26 PM EST 3   
Elaine14-Apr-08 11:04 PM EST 6a   
Deanna18-May-08 12:36 PM EST 5a   
Dennis10-Jun-09 03:34 PM EST 4a   
Diana25-Jun-09 07:47 PM EST 5   

Subject: astilbe care
From: gord (
Zone: 2b
Date: 18-Apr-07 01:37 PM EST

I was wondering do you trim back astilbe's . Or cut last years blooms off ?

Subject: RE: astilbe care
From: Sarah.
Zone: 6b
Date: 20-Apr-07 12:54 PM EST

I've read a couple of articles on the 'garden in winter' which recommend leaving the astilbe with their dried blooms for interest throughout the cold months. I would expect this means you can cut the dry, dead portions back as the new growth should spring from the base. I would look on the plant for signs of new growth before I began clipping.

Subject: RE: astilbe care
From: pata
Zone: 3
Date: 21-Apr-07 03:26 PM EST

Gord, Astilbes are a perennial, all the upper foliage dies off but it will reshoot from the base again. You can trim it back to within a couple of inches of the ground. Be patient! They will not show much signs of life until very late May or even June in your zone. When I worked at a garden centre we had many dormant (not dead) astilbes returned.

Hope spring comes our way soon. I'm in Central Alberta and we just got hammered with very heavy wet snow (sigh)

Subject: RE: astilbe care
From: Elaine
Zone: 6a
Date: 14-Apr-08 11:04 PM EST

Gord, Pata is right. Once you see the new growth start to come up, then trim the plant back. I leave mine all winter with all the stalks and heads intact. This past winter covered them all so as our snow has melted, I've been able to see them again. These are actually quite tough - I've had some of mine almost dug out of the ground by animals in the early spring and put them back in the ground and they've been fine - so just have patience with them and look for signs of the early purplish curled stalks coming out of the base of the plant ( mine are around the time of the peonies coming up in May

Subject: RE: astilbe care
From: Deanna
Zone: 5a
Date: 18-May-08 12:36 PM EST

I have two kinds and one always comes up weeks before the other. I leave the plant alone and once newgrowth appears I just cut down the old dead stalks.

Subject: RE: astilbe care
From: Dennis
Zone: 4a
Date: 10-Jun-09 03:34 PM EST

I have a lot of luck growing Astilbes. My question is that we have had a lot of rain, cooler temps and no sun as of late and I noticed that some of the Astilbes leaves are curling slightly. Any reasons why? Over all the plants are still growing

Subject: RE: astilbe care
From: Diana
Zone: 5
Date: 25-Jun-09 07:47 PM EST

Some of my astilbe flower stalks seem to be top heavy and are laying on the ground, though the stalks are not broken. I just planted these from potted plants about a month ago. Can someone advise what I should do?

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