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monkshood and vegetables

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Sandra08-Apr-07 11:57 PM EST 2a   
Sunny09-Apr-07 07:53 AM EST 5   

Subject: monkshood and vegetables
From: Sandra (
Zone: 2a
Date: 08-Apr-07 11:57 PM EST

We moved to a new house. There is very little room to plant a few vegetables. The most appropriate area has several monkshood plants. Since monkshood is very poisonous, is it possible to remove the monkshood and safely plant vegetables such as beans in that bed?

Subject: RE: monkshood and vegetables
From: Sunny
Zone: 5
Date: 09-Apr-07 07:53 AM EST

Susan, Yes it is simple to dig out your monkshood, and safe to plant any edible plants where it was. it is also safe to plant edibles in the bed with the monkshood. It's a lovely plant with a recently over-stated danger label. It'll only poison us if we eat quantity. And I do believe, only the seeds, altho' I'd have to check the books to verufy that. You can touch it, it can touch you or your veg., with no harm or fear.

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