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Any special care in seeding delphiniums?

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David Winter07-Apr-07 01:29 PM EST 3b   
Sarah.08-Apr-07 12:41 PM EST 6b   
09-Apr-07 12:29 PM EST 3b   

Subject: Any special care in seeding delphiniums?
From: David Winter
Zone: 3b
Date: 07-Apr-07 01:29 PM EST

I have some difficulty in delphiniums germinating. I have now ordered special seed and want to try it correctly. Does seed need to be chilled (freezer; fridge) beforehand. Do delphinium seeds want total darkness?

Subject: RE: Any special care in seeding delphiniums?
From: Sarah.
Zone: 6b
Date: 08-Apr-07 12:41 PM EST

I recently germinated a bunch of delphinium seed in a seed tray without any cold stratification. The package called for a planting depth of 6mm (about one quarter inch). I made sure that I started them in a sterile, soilless medium and watered once right before planting from the bottom with NO-Damp, as delphs are particularily susceptible to damping off disease. The trick is to keep the plastic dome on until they germinate and then remove it immediately. I use the ceiling fan in the room to create airflow at this point and only re-water when the top of the growing mix has dried out completely. Even still, you might get some of that white mold across the soil surface and on the stems. When I see it, I lightly mist it with the No-Damp and do my best to let the air circulation keep it at bay.

Subject: RE: Any special care in seeding delphiniums?
Zone: 3b
Date: 09-Apr-07 12:29 PM EST

Thanks, Sarah. I'll try that and keep my fingers crossed, and the soil moist.

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