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sweet william survived?

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Sarah03-Apr-07 09:48 AM EST 6b   
08-Apr-07 08:14 AM EST   

Subject: sweet william survived?
From: Sarah
Zone: 6b
Date: 03-Apr-07 09:48 AM EST

I planted sweet william in my flower boxes last year. Of course, being bienniel, it was only leaf rosettes and then the frost came. I only recently found out that container plants don't do well as a general rule over the winter. (I'm a newbie.) This spring, we've had about a week of really mild weather, and on top of all of those dry, brown sweet williams I was about to yank and replace with snapdragons are green tops!! Do I just trim the brown foliage now and wait for my lovely pinks to appear?

Subject: RE: sweet william survived?
Date: 08-Apr-07 08:14 AM EST

I have Sweet William in my garden. It reseeds constantly. I love the fragrance and the butterflies seem to really like it to. Do you have a garden? If you do, I would take the Sweet William out and plant it there. Since you have it in a window box, I would cut back the stalks, which are dead now, and it will send up new shoots. I cut mine back every spring. Hope this helps. Marg

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