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HELP! Invasive mint!

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Emily02-Apr-07 06:11 PM EST 7b   
Shirley14-Apr-07 10:35 AM EST 7   
karen turner15-Jun-07 04:19 PM EST 2a   
karen turner11-Jul-07 02:42 PM EST 2a   
Gail27-Oct-07 11:17 PM EST 3a   
sandra06-Jan-08 04:45 PM EST   
Carol01-Mar-08 05:15 PM EST 5a   
Old Man31-Mar-08 10:46 PM EST 2a   
CaraLee Epp20-May-08 10:50 PM EST 3b   
Sherwood Botsford13-Apr-09 07:54 PM EST 3b   

Subject: HELP! Invasive mint!
From: Emily
Zone: 7b
Date: 02-Apr-07 06:11 PM EST

Hello, I have about an acre (spread out over a couple of acres, orchard, lawn, vegetable garden, ditches, etc.) of invasive mint growing. It isn't even tasty! A few years ago we tried using RoundUp (2 applications), with no success whatsoever, and we've been simply ripping it out since then. But it's not physically possible to get even half of it. I've tried mowing a couple of patches for the past 3 years, with no change at all, except that the plants make a dense carpet, now, instead of a 2-foot-high field. I am reluctant to try RoundUp again; I have read too many risks and concerns associated with it. I have heard of a product called BurnOut, but cannot find it here in Vancouver's lower mainland, and don't know very much about it. Does anybody have any advice at all? The mint has made it impossible to keep a garden here, as its rhizomes are EVERYWHERE. HELP!!! And thank you very much, in advance.

Subject: RE: HELP! Invasive mint!
From: Shirley
Zone: 7
Date: 14-Apr-07 10:35 AM EST

I am going to try & change the neutrality of my soil by adding I notice it does'nt self seed under any of my Cedar trees..or close to them. Once eradicated (hopefully) I will then correct the soil.

Subject: RE: HELP! Invasive mint!
From: karen turner (
Zone: 2a
Date: 15-Jun-07 04:19 PM EST

Help I need advice! I have a very large invasion of ants with eggs - red ants in my raised bed in the community garden. How do I get rid of them as we can't use any chemicals in our organic gardens which are city owned.

Subject: RE: HELP! Invasive mint!
From: karen turner (
Zone: 2a
Date: 11-Jul-07 02:42 PM EST

Got rid of the red ants with cornmeal spread on the surface.Then we had a good downpour of rain. I was told when they eat it it swells inside of them killing them of course. Now I have ground squirrels or voles in the paotatoes patch. It is a raised bed. All the other beds of my garden companions have these holes and trenchs too. My dad used smoke bombs in his gardens years ago. I need a reply as soon as possible if any one has this problem and how did they solve it?

Subject: RE: HELP! Invasive mint!
From: Gail
Zone: 3a
Date: 27-Oct-07 11:17 PM EST

Emily, I had the same problem with Yarrow but on a smaller scale, but it was a big problem all in my grass. I had a big success by using weed & feed. Scott's brand. I don't know if they have various types for say "broad leaf plants but we just used the run of the mill weed & feed. It really worked on my yarrow. I still get a small patch trying to grow but I just keep applying it in the spring & also twice we have applied a fall fertilizer too. It's worth a try. Gail

Subject: RE: HELP! Invasive mint!
From: sandra (
Date: 06-Jan-08 04:45 PM EST

round-up is a good product for invasive plants, as it has

Subject: RE: HELP! Invasive mint!
From: Carol
Zone: 5a
Date: 01-Mar-08 05:15 PM EST

Hi Emily, it sound like you have a real problem. I read one time that if you cover the ground with news paper, everything under it will die. Then you dig in the news paper. This was used to dig up new gardens, without having to pull out all the existing growth, but hey, it might work to kill the stuff, and it's organic. Good luck.

Subject: RE: HELP! Invasive mint!
From: Old Man (
Zone: 2a
Date: 31-Mar-08 10:46 PM EST

If you want to kill every plant in this area there is a simple home made solution that works like a charm. Mix 1 liter of tap water with 2 cups of white vinagar and a table spoon of liquid dish soap (add three tablespoons of table salt for the really tough ones) Spray this on the plants on a sunny day. Mint spreads from the roots so pulling it up rarely works. I hope this helps.

Subject: RE: HELP! Invasive mint!
From: CaraLee Epp
Zone: 3b
Date: 20-May-08 10:50 PM EST

I have had this problem with mint. I always advise people planting it to keep it in a container, and never EVER plant it directly in the herb garden. It nearly killed my asparagus. Your mint problem is on a larger scale than mine was, and I did pull mine out by the roots (not fun). I like the vinegar solution idea. And I will be trying that for some rhizomes I want to get rid of too. How damaging would that solution be to an established and mature evergreen tree?

Subject: RE: HELP! Invasive mint!
From: Sherwood Botsford (
Zone: 3b
Date: 13-Apr-09 07:54 PM EST

Mint can be a problem. You have a couple options:

1. Chemical stuff. Roundup works. May take 2-3 doses, and then repeat for the next few eyars to exhaust the seed bank.

I don't recommend it. Whenever I use an herbicide I end up killing some I didn't mean to.

2. Mechanical means. Get a rototiller for your riding lawnmower. Adust it for about 2" depth. Make repeated passes over the infested area. This is time consuming.

3. Seed a competing crop in. If nothing else, plant a mint you like.

4. Enjoy what you've got. Could be worse. You're message says you're from vancouver. Go look at some of the areas that have been conquered by blackberries.

Sherwood Botsford Sherwood's Forests Warburg, Alberta T0C 2T0 780-848-2548

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