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Sarah.24-Mar-07 01:52 PM EST 6b   
Donna24-Mar-07 04:38 PM EST   

Subject: shrivelled dahlia tubers HELP!!
From: Sarah.
Zone: 6b
Date: 24-Mar-07 01:52 PM EST

I bought a beautiful, red dahlia last year. The package said to dig it up and store it after the frost kills back the foliage. I figured, "I do this with my lilies and glads...must be the same thing!" Well, the peacock lilies look fabulous this early spring...but my dahlia tubers look like 'Tales from the Crypt!!" I realize now that I was supposed to mist them throughout the winter. Is there any hope, any method wherein I can rehydrate them???

Subject: RE: shrivelled dahlia tubers HELP!!
From: Donna
Date: 24-Mar-07 04:38 PM EST

I did a bit of reading on this and found that you most likely have lost these tubers. You might try putting them in vermiculite and adding a bit of water to see if they might plump up. I guess if there are no buds now they will not grow. here is some information to keep handy for the future...

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