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potatoe problem

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daviiu21-Mar-07 01:53 PM EST 3   
Donna24-Mar-07 05:05 PM EST   
daviiu29-Mar-07 01:54 PM EST 3   

Subject: potatoe problem
From: daviiu (
Zone: 3
Date: 21-Mar-07 01:53 PM EST

Last year when I pulled(harvested) my potatoes some of them had skins like eggshells and just as fragile!! Anybody know why??

Subject: RE: potatoe problem
From: Donna
Date: 24-Mar-07 05:05 PM EST

I did a lot of checking to see what kind of problem this might be and could not find anything on it. Now, did you just plant them for the first time? perhaps it was the soil, or type of potato - some have very thin skins now, or perhaps they did not harden off or grow completely. There could be many reasons, so why not try again this and see what happens.

Subject: RE: potatoe problem
From: daviiu (
Zone: 3
Date: 29-Mar-07 01:54 PM EST

I save potatoes for next years planting, these are what I used. I change locations slightly, the soil is acidic at times(but potatoes like acidity??), everything else grew (5lb cherry belle radish! more parsley than I could give away! many, many marigolds! Most of the taters were fine, just some here and there were large eggs.

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