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Gardening in pure sand

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Marc-Andre de Bellefeuille05-Mar-07 03:59 PM EST 4b   
Sarah.05-Mar-07 06:43 PM EST 6b   
Nancy17-Mar-07 11:19 AM EST 5   
Leo26-Mar-07 07:51 AM EST   

Subject: Gardening in pure sand
From: Marc-Andre de Bellefeuille (
Zone: 4b
Date: 05-Mar-07 03:59 PM EST

I have recently bought a two-acre property which could best be described as a huge sand hill. It is one thing to garden in sandy soil, quite another to do so in pure sand I would think. I have searched the net trying to find a list of plants, annuals, perennials and bushes which will grow in these conditions, but have failed in finding such a list. Can anyone help?

Subject: RE: Gardening in pure sand
From: Sarah.
Zone: 6b
Date: 05-Mar-07 06:43 PM EST

Hello Marc-Andre!! I found a page with a little information..but most of it seems to point to adding some kind of organic medium like compost. I'll post the link anyway...I did read a mention of cactii in there somewhere..hope this helps a little.

Subject: RE: Gardening in pure sand
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 17-Mar-07 11:19 AM EST

I know someone who has done very well on a site that started out as pure sand. The key for her was to add as much organic material as she could, mostly compost and leaves, and to keep adding it every year. Early on she planted only very drought-tolerant plants. I would suggest that you do some searches for drought-tolerant plants or water-efficient gardening. As a tip, the plants you are looking for will frequently have small leaves, be waxy, hairy or spiny or have a grey or bluish cast to the leaves. These are all signs of plants that need minimal moisture. Certainly most of the sedums, artemesias, and achilleas (yarrows) fall into that category, as will many dianthus, thymes, nepetas, sempervivums (hens and chicks), and many herbs like sage and lavenders.

Good luck!

Subject: RE: Gardening in pure sand
From: Leo
Date: 26-Mar-07 07:51 AM EST

Plants from sandy regions of the earth.

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