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Shari03-Mar-07 01:19 PM EST 6   
Mike Gilmore23-Mar-07 04:18 PM EST   

Subject: Hedge suggestions
From: Shari (sharishabits@telus.net)
Zone: 6
Date: 03-Mar-07 01:19 PM EST

I am looking for recommendations for an evergreen privacy hedge. Specifications are: - to grow laterally across a steep slope & along a fence - heavy clay soil - must be drought- and heat- tolerant; gets full sun in hot dry summers - speed of growth not an issue as long as we can start with plants 6-8 feet tall - low cost per plant would be very helpful; we are looking at 10-20 plants

We need to fill in some large gaps in the original cedar hedge; several of the remaining cedars are dying, presumably due to dehydration. It's a difficult area to get water to and we live in a semi-arid zone.

Subject: RE: Hedge suggestions
From: Mike Gilmore
Date: 23-Mar-07 04:18 PM EST

Check out Pittosporums - they like all the things you've mentioned. But, because they are evergreen they can suffer in high wind locations 60+mph. Also Eucalypts, same warning applies.

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