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Lawn being dug up

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Sally01-Mar-07 05:02 PM EST 6b   
Sunny02-Mar-07 12:04 PM EST   

Subject: Lawn being dug up
From: Sally
Zone: 6b
Date: 01-Mar-07 05:02 PM EST

We laid a beautiful new sod lawn in May 06 in a South West facing yard. In Sept 06 something started digging up little holes and leaving small soil castings. Now that the snow has cleared and we can see the lawn clearly in March 07 - it looks whatever had been digging has dug all winter, and now the lawn has small soil patches all over the lawn, particularly on the south side behind our fence, where there is no grass left now. What should I do to try to get our lawn beautiful again?

Subject: RE: Lawn being dug up
From: Sunny
Date: 02-Mar-07 12:04 PM EST

Sally, Describe these "castings" and size of holes. Do they seem to originate above or below ground? Are there small lumpy areas in the grass now? Are there small tunnelled areas? To renew the lawn, you'd best discover the problem, or you may be wasting your effort. Some suggestions are: dew worms, shrews, June bug larvae,cinch bugs, mice, moles. These are broad suggestions, none of which perfectly match your symptoms. If you give more detail, I will try to diagnose more closely. Or get a local lawn expert to examine.

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