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diy makeshift greenhouse suggestions

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Sarah28-Feb-07 11:02 AM EST 6b   
B.01-Mar-07 02:37 PM EST 4b   
Sarah.02-Mar-07 09:34 AM EST 6b   

Subject: diy makeshift greenhouse suggestions
From: Sarah
Zone: 6b
Date: 28-Feb-07 11:02 AM EST

I'm fairly new to gardening and would like to start some perennials indoors in a couple of weeks. The trouble is I've limited southern window space and two plant munching cats (btw, anybody want a couple of free cats? I think I can get away with a bunch of little cells at first in one of those starter trays, but I'd like to move them to an outdoor greenhouse situation asap. I know they have those four shelf vinyl covered ones at garden supply stores...but has anyone made something similar on their own(yep, I'm cheap too!)? If so..what materials did you use and when would be acceptable to 'move' seedlings into it on a 24 hour basis?

Subject: RE: diy makeshift greenhouse suggestions
From: B.
Zone: 4b
Date: 01-Mar-07 02:37 PM EST

I used 2x2 lumber and old storm windows to make a little 5x8 lean-to greenhouse. It was intended as a temporary greenhouse originally, but it's been there about 14 years now.

I only get to put plants out round-the-clock a couple weeks earlier, as it is unheated. I put plants out in the daytime though more than a month earlier.

There are always people throwing away old storm windows, glass shower enclosure doors, etc. Keep your eyes open and save 'em up!

Subject: RE: diy makeshift greenhouse suggestions
From: Sarah.
Zone: 6b
Date: 02-Mar-07 09:34 AM EST

What a great suggestion!! As soon as you said 'old storm windows', I remembered we still had 2 of those in our basement that had been discarded by the previous owner of our home!! I already drew up the design on graph paper and let my husband know of his new spring project (hehe)!! Thanks a bunch!

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