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Dolores13-Feb-07 09:27 AM EST 6a   
V Whaley15-Feb-07 07:16 AM EST 4b   

Subject: aloe vera
From: Dolores
Zone: 6a
Date: 13-Feb-07 09:27 AM EST

I have a large aloe vera plant which has become very top heavy and is being held up with several wooden spikes.

Can I cut the plant off down to the root?

Will it grow again?

Subject: RE: aloe vera
From: V Whaley
Zone: 4b
Date: 15-Feb-07 07:16 AM EST

I would not cut all the folliage off, it would be a real shame.

In order to avoid top heavy succulent plants you should repot the plant in a wider (but not deeper pot) and fill the bottom with rocks and heavy grit. From there repot your Aloe with a succulent compost mix. This hopefully will bring down the centre of gravity.

In addition, if you have any plantlets you should remove them at the same time and pot them separately.

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