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Name of a rose

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Karen23-Jan-07 11:06 AM EST 5   
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Rita17-Feb-07 03:46 PM EST 5b   
Karen21-Feb-07 06:11 PM EST 5   
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melanie marjoram14-Dec-09 11:51 AM EST 5   

Subject: Name of a rose
From: Karen
Zone: 5
Date: 16-Jan-07 04:14 PM EST

Several years ago I bought roses from a company that has since gone out of existence. Last winter one of those roses died. I want to replace it but no longer remember what it's name was.

It was a rambler with large very fragrant double blossoms. The blossoms were light pink with silvery lavender hues. It had numerous prickly thorns along its stems. It bloomed once per year and was hardy to zone 4-5.

I know that isn't much to go on but any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


Subject: RE: Name of a rose
From: melanie marjoram
Zone: 4b
Date: 22-Jan-07 07:14 PM EST

Take a look at to search photos and descriptions to match your missing rose bush. If you decide to order from this source, I can recommend their roses and their prices are excellent!

Subject: RE: Name of a rose
From: Karen
Zone: 5
Date: 23-Jan-07 11:06 AM EST

Thank you for the advice, Melanie. I have already checked Pickering Nurseries and couldn't find it there. I have heard good things about them so I will consider ordering roses from them in future.

Thanks again.

Subject: RE: Name of a rose
From: Janine (
Zone: 2b
Date: 23-Jan-07 12:54 PM EST

Hi Karen:

have you tried the site ? Even if it doesn't have your rose it is a lot of fun to browse through.

Subject: RE: Name of a rose
From: Rita (
Zone: 5b
Date: 17-Feb-07 03:46 PM EST

Hi... If you go to this web site they have an on line catalouge complete with photos..If you still have no luck contact the owners,Rene and Eva Schmitz @ or you could contact the Canadian Rose Society @ I'm sure they will point you in the right direction. Good luck

Subject: RE: Name of a rose
From: Karen
Zone: 5
Date: 21-Feb-07 06:11 PM EST

Thank you for your suggestions. I did contact the Canadian Rose Society and they were able to provide me with an old "Hardy Roses For the North" catalogue but I still can't identify it. I will try the other website that you suggest.

Thank you!

Subject: RE: Name of a rose
From: (
Zone: 5a
Date: 30-Mar-07 12:42 PM EST

Karen: Hi, guess I'm a little late with suggestions for tracking down that mystery rose but here goes... sounds like it could be a "Stanwell Perpetual". If that's not it try Hortico .com in Ontario - they have a huge variety of roses including many ancient ones!! Good luck !

Subject: RE: Name of a rose
From: Sheila
Zone: 5a
Date: 29-Apr-07 05:20 PM EST

Hi, I've grown Stanwell Perpetual in my garden and lost it over one cold winter so I'm not sure it would survive in your zone 4. Pickering nursery will try to identify roses for you if you can describe the leave and growth habit and if you have a pic. They really know their roses! I've been buying from them for years and they have helped me identify roses that I found at a local abandoned railway building near my house. good luck.

Subject: RE: Name of a rose
From: Sunny
Zone: 5
Date: 26-Dec-07 03:42 PM EST

Just to let everyone know, these threads have given me some suggestions after all this time! I'm still trying to ID an odd wild rose I've grown from seed, which I've only ever found in one place, so I'll try the sites suggested here. Tks.!

Subject: RE: Name of a rose
From: Rosemary
Zone: 6
Date: 04-Jun-08 09:59 PM EST

Another option is to go to Google and ask for images of old roses. You'll probably get gazillions of pictures, but you might just get lucky and find what you are looking for.

Subject: RE: Name of a rose
From: Claire
Zone: 6
Date: 23-Jul-08 02:32 AM EST

I have a Rose Book - with lots of pix of all the roses....from Lone Pine Publishing - written by "Liz Klose & Laura Peters....."Roses for Ontario".....its easy to read and is sectioned off....I looked under Ramblers but none were the color you might be more of a climber ??

Subject: RE: Name of a rose
From: Claire
Zone: 6
Date: 23-Jul-08 03:03 AM EST

me of all at the back of the a list of websites/gardens to visit / Rose Societies/Clubs and other Rose books to read.....definately worth checking out as a rose resource - for all rose lovers.

Subject: RE: Name of a rose
From: melanie marjoram (
Zone: 5
Date: 14-Dec-09 11:51 AM EST

I know this thread is pretty old, but I stumbled over it for the second time today and re-read the thread and it came to mind the name of your rose may be 'Constance Spry' which is a very hardy Austin rose that has a very strong musky scent and only blooms heavily once in the summer. I grew this rose on an 8 foot section of t.v. tower topped with an old bicycle wheel. It was spectacular. Google the name for images on the internet or if you have a rose book, look it up to see it it is the one you are looking for. I have not seen it offered for sale since it was planted over ten years ago. I would think it is not popular because it only blooms the one time.

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