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AnneD11-Jan-07 01:16 PM EST 2b   
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Subject: Skinny palm needs new diet, please advise!
From: AnneD
Zone: 2b
Date: 11-Jan-07 01:16 PM EST

Our offices is home to a tall, very skinny palm tree of unknown origin. Can someone A) help identify it and B) provide advice as to how I might prune it to encourage more horizontal, rather than vertical, growth? You can see two photos of the palm at plant/palm1.jpg and plant/palm2.jpg

I hope we're allowed to post links in this forum!!! Please forgive if we're not...

Subject: RE: Skinny palm needs new diet, please advise!
From: Sunny
Zone: 5b
Date: 26-Jan-07 10:01 AM EST

AnneD: without viewing your palm as yet, here's advice from a book I have, and form my experience:Is it in need of transplanting? Palms need a very loose,porous planter mix.Peat,bark,vermicullite, adn a bit of charcoal of poss. They prefer low light. Fertilize with fish fertilizer monthly. Water regularly, but allow it to dry our between. Also, don't plant too deeply. I'll try to open your link. Have you had other responses?

Subject: RE: Skinny palm needs new diet, please advise!
From: Sunny
Date: 26-Jan-07 10:16 AM EST

I'm back. Your skinny palm is not a palm, it's a yucca.#1:check if it's rootbound. If so,cut out unhealthy roots, gently loosen tightly concentric roots, and repot in 1-2" larger pot. Or if you loose a lot of roots, keep same size pot. Cut the stalk back to desired height, leaving a few inches at minimum. Remove most of the stalk from the part with leaves on , keeping desired length for repotting.Allow the end of this stalk to "heal" 24 hrs.You may use rooting hormone.Then repot it into a 6-8" pot. Do not use the palm planter mix!A yucca will do fine in a houseplant soil mix, with extra peat added.Now put these youngsters in a shady place for 1-2 wks., to allow roots to begin.Water the old stalk as usual. Water the new stalk a little more often, so it doesn't get too dry, but isn't sopping wet either. After a few wks., you should have new plants.To prevent a tall, skinny plant in future, you must cut off the top occasionally, and repot it. The old stalk should put out more than one new stalk.Fertilize monthly, with a non-blooming plant fert. I'd be interested in your progress.

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