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Wildlife dining on shrubs

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Kate10-Jan-07 04:27 PM EST 2   
Sunny26-Jan-07 10:25 AM EST   
Shelley09-Apr-07 03:45 PM EST   

Subject: Wildlife dining on shrubs
From: Kate (katmyo@pris.ca)
Zone: 2
Date: 10-Jan-07 04:27 PM EST

The moose and deer are making their home in our yard this winter, possibly due to lots of snow and easy pickings here. My weeping birch has been nibbled and I wonder if it will leaf in summer. As well it appears they have done same to an apple tree and taken the top off of a newly planted (4 year old) Mountain Ash. Will trees that have been badly nibbled survive?

Subject: RE: Wildlife dining on shrubs
From: Sunny
Date: 26-Jan-07 10:25 AM EST

Probably, but they may look funny. You may want to prune when the time comes.How do they look now?

Subject: RE: Wildlife dining on shrubs
From: Shelley
Date: 09-Apr-07 03:45 PM EST

Now that the snow is gone I've noticed that the local jack rabbit has chewed down several shrubs (spireas, annabelle hydrangea, etc.) I suppose they'll come back somewhat but does anyone have any ideas to keep it out for next year??

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