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Cedars dying zone 2

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Kate10-Jan-07 04:23 PM EST 2   
Sunny26-Jan-07 10:23 AM EST 5b   

Subject: Cedars dying zone 2
From: Kate (katmyo@pris.ca)
Zone: 2
Date: 10-Jan-07 04:23 PM EST

I have several mature cedars that range from three footers to 8 footers. We have had a tough winter so far and I see that all look dead or are dying from the ground up. In all cases these have been piled up with snow. This is the first season in 7 that there has been such a dry summer followed by so much snow before the ground froze. If these trees haven't actually died what will it take to revive them in the spring?

Subject: RE: Cedars dying zone 2
From: Sunny
Zone: 5b
Date: 26-Jan-07 10:23 AM EST

Kate: Have you had much advice on this? It sounds like dehydration to me. Do they get any salt, from the road? Also, if you're in Alberta, your temp. fluctuations this winter won't have helped.If they're not dead, all you can do in spring is water, water, water. Prune off the dead bits once you're SURE they're dead. If there is any surviving wood on a branch, try to prune back to a bud or node.

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