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Bl......!!!! orchids!

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Sunny14-Dec-06 05:42 PM EST 5   
Kim12-Jan-07 04:42 PM EST   
Renee21-Jan-07 12:01 PM EST 4b   
Kim06-Feb-07 04:17 PM EST   

Subject: Bl......!!!! orchids!
From: Sunny
Zone: 5
Date: 14-Dec-06 05:42 PM EST

Reg. ol' indoor orchid, the "anyone can grow type", latin name escapes me just now... Did everything!!!the books and website suggests. Still, she won't hold her blooms for more than a couple of weeks, and she insists on dropping her buds. No mites, no visible problems. I even called the propane comp., to see if there may be fumes from my cookstove! Any suggestions, anyone? She's living at my friend's house now, and I can't bring her home, I'm afraid she'll drop the NEW BUDS she felt comfortable to develop over there!!!! ARRGH!

Subject: RE: Bl......!!!! orchids!
From: Kim
Date: 12-Jan-07 04:42 PM EST

Hi there,

May I ask a few questions?

Is the plant producing any new leaves and roots ok?

How often do you water?

Where is the plant located in your house and what sun exposure does it get?

Is the flower stock that was blooming the stock that was originally blooming when you bought the plant or is it a branch off this shoot or a completely new shoot.

Does your home's temperature fluctuate?

Has the problem persisted at your friends home?

Subject: orchid aerial roots
From: Renee
Zone: 4b
Date: 21-Jan-07 12:01 PM EST

I have a Cattleya that is producing many aerial roots. They are overtaking the plant. It failed to bloom this year. Should I cut back the aerial roots?

Subject: RE: Bl......!!!! orchids!
From: Kim
Date: 06-Feb-07 04:17 PM EST

I wouldn't cut any of the roots. You should investigate the light and temperature needs for a Catteleya to see if you've got it in the conditions to help rebloom.

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