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Help my Roses!

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Colleen02-Nov-06 11:52 AM EST 8a   
Michelle. L.02-Nov-06 12:09 PM EST 5a   
colleen02-Nov-06 04:32 PM EST 8a   

Subject: Help my Roses!
From: Colleen
Zone: 8a
Date: 02-Nov-06 11:52 AM EST

Oh, lovely roses! I MUST relocate some rather large roses, 25 year old climbers about 20 feet long, a couple of other gems that have a wonderful tall habit (over 6 feet ), nothing younger than 15 years. They only have to move across the yard, site prep is done, BUT>>>>as I live on the Sunshine coast of BC, these lovelies bloom all year, even on Christmas day, so WHEN can I move them, and how much pruning need I do? HELP!!!!!! They are family heirlooms! Thanks

Subject: RE: Help my Roses!
From: Michelle. L.
Zone: 5a
Date: 02-Nov-06 12:09 PM EST

WOW!!! Roses blooming at Christmas??? Lucky you.. since they are family heirlooms and you want to be absolutely sure, I would say join in the live chat on this website on Sunday at 10 [or 1:00 Eastern] and ask the experts!!! You wouldn't want to lose those.

Subject: RE: Help my Roses!
From: colleen
Zone: 8a
Date: 02-Nov-06 04:32 PM EST

Thanks Michell, for the info about the chat, will be there! Yeah, sometimes the toughest thing about my gardens is that there is no downtime, even with the frost over the past few days, as soon as it warms and rains, the roses bloom again!

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