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Jen31-Oct-06 09:01 AM EST 5a   

Subject: Please stop me from killing my Easter Lilly !
From: Jen
Zone: 5a
Date: 31-Oct-06 09:01 AM EST

I was given an Easter Lilly by a dear friend who gave me flowers everyday,literally. Looking dead,my boss threw it outside.Feeling proud of my new-found hobby of gardening and thinking I'm surely one of the few that has genetically acquired the elusive green thumb, I carried the plant to it's definate place of doom,my home.I stuck what was left of the staub in some dirt and forgot about it.My friend tragically passed away,and wouldn't you know, the plant went crazy! Strictly because I had FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT!Spending my time terrorizing (which is another word for "caring"}my perfectly healthy plants,I had forgotten I had a really sick patient on my hands.How could this be without my constant "care" and mothering that it had 6 shoots and sprouting more?They range in height from 3" to 18"! is in a pot that was brought inside yesterday due to snow and freezing weather. Will the environmental change hurt it? Is it okay in the pot? How much water/fertilizer does it need ? Please help me help this plant and stop this"Munchausen-like Syndrome" I seem to have with them.I cannot let this plant die. It's the only thing I have left of my friend except memories. Sorry if I rambled. Bored. Thank you so much for any suggestions. !


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