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non-flowering potatoes

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Peter Orme30-Oct-06 06:00 PM EST 7a   
Verena31-Oct-06 11:34 AM EST 3a   

Subject: non-flowering potatoes
From: Peter Orme
Zone: 7a
Date: 30-Oct-06 06:00 PM EST

This was my first year gardening. We planted three rows of potatoes. They seemed to grow well and fairly quickly. They never, ever flowered. The potato yield was also very small. Each plant produced two or three medium sized potatoes and a large number of tiny ones. They all seemed healthy -- none had to be discarded -- and the flavour was amazingly good. But -- I wonder, what went wrong? Why no flowers? And is that really a problem or a sign of a problem? And why the small yield? I wonder if there was insufficient water. HELP!

Subject: RE: non-flowering potatoes
From: Verena
Zone: 3a
Date: 31-Oct-06 11:34 AM EST

Depending on the variety of potatoes, they may not flower, there are varieties of potatoes that will not produce seed, and therefore have no need (and don't) to produce flowers, it's a result of the hybridization. Had they flowered, it still wouldn't have produced more potatoes, just possibly set seed. My first year of planting potatoes (two years ago) I had the same "problem" (no flowers and only a few smaller ones) I asked a friend of mine what I was doing wrong and that's what he told me. Is it possible you made the same mistake as me?? I neglected to continue to hill my potatoes, and that's why they didn't produce properly. Next year I am trying my hand at it again...only this time I will make sure to hill the dirt up around them as they grow. Good luck!


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