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Subject: Plants for Childrens' Garden
From: Paulette
Zone: 5
Date: 14-Oct-06 12:19 PM EST


I am looking for a variety of annuals, perennials or shrubs to put in a "Touch, Feel and Smell" Garden at a school in Zone 3.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Subject: RE: Plants for Childrens' Garden
From: Verena
Zone: 3a
Date: 14-Oct-06 02:19 PM EST

For annuals, pansies are always a favorite, for the many colors they come in (also nice for pressing for kids crafts). So are sunflowers. Snapdragons are also a fun annual. Kids love to play with the blossoms, opening the "mouth" of the flower. Straw flowers and English Statice (Sinuata) have wonderful papery textures and are also great for craft projects.

For perenials, lambs ears have wonderful soft fuzzy texture and are hardy here. If I think of any others I'll let you know.


Subject: RE: Plants for Childrens' Garden
From: marg
Date: 15-Oct-06 08:21 AM EST

Planting a childrens garden. What fun! There are lots of plants you can use. As Verena said, you can use snapdragons-a childrens favorite, lambs ears, sunflowers and english statice. I would add a few phlox for scent and more colour. Do you want to attract hummers and butterflies? If you do plant an asclepia-butterfly weed to attract monarchs and other butterflies. I don't believe buddleia is hardy in Z3. Hummers like red flowers so I planted a maltese cross. They also like petunias, malva and, in my garden, blue delphiniums. If you want to put in a few edibles, try herbs. French tarragon has a wonderful licorice flavour as do some of the basils. For colour you could try adding purple or golden sage. If you want edible flowers, use nasturtium or maybe calendula, both are annual though they may reseed. I hope this gives you some ideas. marg

Subject: RE: Plants for Childrens' Garden
From: marg
Date: 15-Oct-06 08:41 AM EST

I forgot to mention that you might like to plant a rose bush. Explorers or Mordens are very hardy. I have Cuthbert Grant, a deep red Morden rose that reaches 4-5' and Lambert Closse is a small Explorer srub that grows 1.5-2'. Both have been disease and pest free in my garden and both have a subtle fragrance. marg

Subject: RE: Plants for Childrens' Garden
From: Michelle. L.
Zone: 5a
Date: 16-Oct-06 12:11 AM EST

How about a bleeding heart? Then you can open up the flower and tell them the story that goes with it about the King, the slippers, sword, etc... Also maybe some everbearing strawberries.

Subject: RE: Plants for Childrens' Garden
From: Paulette
Zone: 5
Date: 16-Oct-06 11:34 AM EST

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. Please feel free to add more!!

Subject: RE: Plants for Childrens' Garden
From: (
Date: 26-Oct-06 05:11 PM EST

Paulette: Some of the plants at the muttart conservatory in Edmonton are meant for children are meant for feel-g and touching and smelling. I did school tours in the winters for this purpose. things like lavendar were for smelling and somethings lambs wool for touching were very soft. Hope this is of some help for you. Karen in 2A in Edmonton.

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