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darthcricket07-Sep-06 08:19 PM EST 5b   
Colleen08-Sep-06 02:10 PM EST 2b   
darthcricket08-Sep-06 11:34 PM EST 5b   
Annette11-Sep-06 10:50 AM EST 5b   

Subject: Growing Raspberry From Seed
From: darthcricket
Zone: 5b
Date: 07-Sep-06 08:19 PM EST

I would like to grow a rasperry plant from seed. I have a place on my balcony in Toronto which faces SW and gets about 3 hrs full sun (2:30 - 5:30) and about an hour and a bit partial sun from mid-June to mid-Sept.

I am so new I don't even know how to germinate the seed. That would probably help...

I came to this project as I 1. love raspberries and 2. my wife and I are growing veg on the balcony, and 3. I was hoping to collect some seeds from a plant that has been growing in front of an apartment bldg for about the last 5 years on St Clair Ave but it disappeared before the berries were ready! So I have raided my bottle of jam and with the help of you and the Powers That Be, I can get something going for next year.

Does this sound reasonable?

No help will be refused and thanks in advance.

Subject: RE: Growing Raspberry From Seed
From: Colleen (
Zone: 2b
Date: 08-Sep-06 02:10 PM EST

I have never heard of growing raspberries from seed but I do know that seed from your jam won't work unless possibly it was freezer jam. Processed jam from your store shelf would be cooked, which would destroy the viability of the seeds (they are now dead).

I suspect that even if you could get plants started from seeds, it would take more than a year before you got any fruit. Raspberries sucker profusely so you would be better off finding someone who is growing raspberries that would let you dig up suckers they don't want or visit your local nursery in the spring and buy rooted canes. Raspberry canes die after fruiting--next year's fruit will grow on canes from the suckers that grow. I don't know how well raspberries will grow in a pot but there's no harm in experimenting. Good luck!

Subject: RE: Growing Raspberry From Seed
From: darthcricket
Zone: 5b
Date: 08-Sep-06 11:34 PM EST

Hi Colleen

Thanks for your help. I'll chase down some canes in the spring. In the meantime I will devote my energies to bringing my other maple tree project through the winter.

Thanks and cheers...John

Subject: Making a Strawberry Patch
From: Annette
Zone: 5b
Date: 11-Sep-06 10:50 AM EST

I have 24 strawberry plants in strawberry pots currently. Earlier this year I thought I was moving, so when the plants arrived I had to plant them in pots so I could take them with me. Now I know I am not moving and I need to get the plants in the ground before winter. I do not know the right way to do this. How do I make a strawberry patch?

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