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chris06-Sep-06 11:12 AM EST 5   
Colleen06-Sep-06 08:35 PM EST 2b   
cathaleen13-Sep-06 11:27 PM EST 3   

Subject: Name this plant
From: chris (
Zone: 5
Date: 06-Sep-06 11:12 AM EST

I sometimes buy plants but don't always remember to keep the tags. I have a perenniel about 8 ft tall with sunflower like heads, VERY attractive to all buzzing insects and has hardy stems that are SQUARE. I can't identify it from pictures in my plant books and am wondering if it might be a jerusalem artichoke (from the general descriptions). Anyone know of a tall plant with square stems?

Subject: RE: Name this plant
From: Colleen (
Zone: 2b
Date: 06-Sep-06 08:35 PM EST

I haven't grown jerusalem artichokes for several years and don't remember if it had square stems. If that is what the plant is (I can't think of anything else fitting the description), it should be easy enough to tell by simply digging up the roots to see if there are knotty bulbs under the plant. If you only have one plant, you may not want to do this but jerusalem artichokes spread quite rapidly so just wait till next year.

Subject: RE: Name this plant
From: cathaleen
Zone: 3
Date: 13-Sep-06 11:27 PM EST

Any chance that you had planted Heliopsis, - aka False Sunflower - a very hardy perennial - don't know that they have square stems, but was transplanting today - and my Helenium/sneezeweed had rod like stems - but aren't large flowers.....good luck, and really - if you like, what's in a name!!!

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